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Microgreens are familiar vegetables and salad greens that are in their early stage of growth.

Names familiar to you - such as Beets, Radish, Swiss Chard, Kale, Broccoli, Mustard, Arugula, Amaranth, and Peas are among 60 or so varieties that are grown in microgreen form.

Research has indicated that microgreens contain up to 40% more phytochemicals (beneficial nutrients and components) than their full-grown counterparts.

Microgreens may help lower blood pressure, fight cancer, lower cholesterol and even aid in maintaining good gut health.

Microgreens are packed with high density nutrition and grown over a period of approx. 6-10 days.

With these greens delivered fresh to your doorstep you are assured that you are providing the most nutrient rich, healthy greens to your family.

Beet Microgreens

Place your order and your microgreens are seeded within 24 hours with delivery 6-10 days following your first order.

Monthly commitments are planted in time to grow and be ready for delivery on the anniversary of your first delivery date.

Radish Microgreens

Microgreens can be sprinkled on top of any dish to add that special nutritional punch that your body may need at any time of day - or just grab a handful knowing you have a healthy snack.

Put your microgreens on any sandwich or salad - you could even add them to a breakfast smoothie for a highly nutritious start to your day.